Company profile

Founded in 2018 and office is  in Flat 5A-5B, House -5,Road-35,Sector-7,Uttara,Dhaka-1230. Poromaloy Limited provides Commercial and Residential Property Management, Facility, and Commercial Brokerage Services for private investors, institutions, corporations, not-for-profits, home owner associations, and cooperatives.

We are proud of our company’s many accomplishments and our clients appreciate the fact Poromaloy Limited is a Corporation owned and operated by its experienced and visionaries managerial body. We employ over 40 team members and currently operate in different places in Dhaka city. Poromaloy Limited’s integrated, team-based approach, responsive communication and our proactive approach to management ensures that the operational and financial performance of your property is always our highest priority.

Our history

Poromaloy Limited was originally founded in 2018 for providing real estate services.But after being successful in real estate field , the managerial body was decided to start a group of company under the name “Poromaloy Group”.Poromaloy Limited is now a sister concern of Poromaloy Group. 

All the sister concerns of Poromaloy Group are:

  1. Poromaloy Limited
  2. Poromaloy Fashion
  3. Poromaloy Interior
  4. Poromaloy Express
  5. Poromaloy IT
  6. Poromaloy Agro
  7. Poromaloy Electronics
  8. Poromaloy Healthcare
Location & Hours of Business

Poromaloy Limited, a sister concern of Poromaloy Group is located at Flat 5A-5B,House-5,Road-35,Sector-7,Uttara,Dhaka-1230.

Poromaloy  Limited’s regular working hours of operation are: Saturday through Thursday from 9:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. 

Check out our online features or call us today at 01324-248250(Managing Director, Poromaloy Group).