Who we are

We are Poromaloy Group; we exist with eight different divisions with two different slogan “Committed to Win & Win” and “Your trusted neighbor to help you”. Our main concerns are making a convenient way to get all kind of real estate services under a single umbrella, be a reliable partner in fashion and buying House business, increasing your happiness by designing your interior, provide you relaxation by carrying   your parcels, make your life easy and secure with the best software delivery and last but not the least every necessary products for your daily life by our e-commerce support.

Eight divisions of Poromaloy Group
  1. Poromaloy Limited
  2. Poromaloy Fashion
  3. Poromaloy Interior
  4. Poromaloy Express 
  5. Poromaloy IT
  6. Poromaloy Agro
  7. Poromaloy Electronics
  8. Poromaloy Healthcare

Why choose us?

  • 1

    Trusted team

    Every single day – we take a stand for our clients. As expert strategists – we simply won’t do the deal unless it’s a great deal and you are completely happy.

  • 2

    Powerful ideas

    Not all ideas are created equal. We believe that the success of our sales depends on the quality of the powerful ideas which we make.

  • 3

    Back pocket listing

    Our extensive marketing and advertising program consistently produce many buyer inquiries. These inquiries turn into a large database of buyers. Which helps us to know what our customers want from us. We have the opportunity to improve our services after researching on our database.

  • 4

    Best price guarantee

    To get the best product, you must have to spend more, but we are outside of this theory, we are committed to ensuring the best product with a reasonable price guarantee.